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Reference Materials

Stock Options:  IRC 409A and ASC 718 (formerly FAS 123R)

IRC 409A Final Regulation
Internal Revenue Bulletin, May 7, 2007 (search on the page (“Ctrl F”) for second reference to “(B) Stock not readily tradable” to find the relevant section)

Finding Your Way Around ASC 718
National Association of Stock Plan Professionals, January 2010 (tips for using the FASB’s new online ASC tool)

FAS 123R:  Accounting for Stock Options, Tips for an Increasingly Complex Task
California CPA, March-April 2007

Independent Fairness Opinions

How ‘Fair’ are Fairness Opinions?
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The Skinny on Fairness Opinions
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A Tale of Two Fairness Opinions
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CalPERS Suggests Investment Banks Receiving Success Fees Should Not Issue Fairness Opinions
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Intangible Asset Valuation:  ASC 805 (formerly FAS 141R)

The Rise of Contingent Consideration in Private M&A Deals
PEHub, March 2010

Untangling 157 & 141R:  Business Combinations, M&A and Fair Value
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Merger Guide for the Perplexed, December 17, 2008

Times Up: New M&A Rules in Effect, December 15, 2008

Kick-in of FAS 141(R) Could Make Due Diligence Unduly Difficult
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What Comes Next for Merger Accounting
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Portfolio Valuation:  ASC 820 (formerly FAS 157)

SEC Finds Valuation Misrepresentations
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SEC Looking at How Alternative Funds Value Investments
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SEC Pursues Valuation Fraud
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Portfolio Company Valuation Guidelines
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FAS 157 is stupid
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FAS 157—Another Annoying Accounting Provision
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