Markets Served

Teknos is focused on providing valuation services to emerging growth companies and their venture capital backers. These information technology, life sciences, alternative energy and cleantech companies have specialized needs and the professionals at Teknos have spent years working with them.

Historically, valuation firms appraised companies which were private because they were family owned. Many of these companies operated in slow growing industries such as manufacturing or distribution.  They did not have professional managers, so they did not issue stock options.  They did not make acquisitions, so they did not have to value intangible assets and liabilities or deal with impairment issues.  And they did not have outside investors, so they did not have preferred stock in their capital structures.  For such companies, the need for valuation services was triggered by a gift, estate, trust, or divorce event.

Recently, because of a series of tax and accounting changes, there is a new need to value other sorts of private companies:  companies in fast growing industries such as information technology or life sciences, companies which have professional managers who want stock options, companies which make acquisitions, and companies with venture capital investor who hold preferred stock.  For these companies, the need for valuation services is triggered by a compensation, merger and acquisition, or portfolio event.

The two types of companies are very different – slow growth, family owned vs high growth, venture backed – and valuing them calls for knowledge of different markets and utilization of different skills.  If you are part of an emerging growth, technology driven company and you need a valuation for issuing stock options, valuing the parties to a merger, post-acquisition accounting, or reporting the results of a portfolio, Teknos can assist you.  For more information please contact us: info@teknosassociates.com