Corporate Advisory Services

Your business is impacted by critical strategic decision every day, including selling, acquiring, merging, investing, trading. In fact, there were 14,936 mergers and acquisitions in the US in 2018 alone. In many cases, those decisions can be highly impactful to the fate of your company. The team at Teknos can help you to effectively understand and mitigate some of the most pressing challenges facing your organization thanks to decades of first-hand experience and a wealth of professional knowledge developed and honed across engagements with hundreds of companies.

If you’re thinking about selling shares, buying a company, evaluating a new business venture, or making another important decision that has the potential to make or break your business, expert strategic advice can help guide you on the path to the most advantageous outcome.  Some specific areas of concern that we most frequently see troubling our clients revolve around:

  • Fairness Opinions
  • Solvency and Capital Adequacy Opinions
  • Mergers, Spin-Offs, Joint Ventures, Divestitures, and Financings
  • SBA (including any 7(a), 504, seller or other financing) and Lender Compliant Loan Valuations
  • Strategic Valuation Consulting
  • Buyside and Sellside Pre and Post Transaction Analyses and Support
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Data Analytics Support
  • Competitive analyses
  • Financial and Business Case Modeling

Benefits of Teknos

In addition to confident decision making and some much-needed peace of mind, retaining Teknos can provide you and your company with tremendous benefits.


Perhaps the most valuable benefit of utilizing our services is the wealth of experience that backs every decision. You don’t have to blindly take on a significant risk like determining whether or not to participate in a potential investment. Instead, Teknos can provide you with the requisite knowledge and understanding to better allow you to make an informed and measured decision.

Impartial Advice

The best decision for your company isn’t always the easiest decision. Our team assess the facts and circumstances of a situation, examines potential outcomes, and determines the best possible route for the wellbeing of the organization – all as an impartial, third-party.

Valuation consulting can lift the burden of a hard or risky decision by providing you with a clearer picture of the end result.

A Broader Perspective

Our services can offer a much broader perspective than that of a single individual or even a Board of Directors. Our team takes several factors into account, including proprietary research, market analyses, long-term growth expectations, and historical business operations. With the help of an experienced professional, you can gain a valuable perspective that transcends traditional, internally driven analyses.

The Teknos Difference

When you choose to enlist the team at Teknos, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve selected a group of seasoned professionals who specialize in emerging growth companies and possess over a century of collective experience.

Our firm provides a deep level of expertise to emerging growth companies in several industries including information technology, life sciences, Esports and gaming, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, to name a few.  By choosing a partner with a high level of technical proficiency, you can be assured that Teknos’ valuation advisory services are tailored to your industry and the success of your business.

Make smarter, informed decisions with Teknos. Contact us to get started.