Tax Compliance and Financial Reporting Valuation Services

Tax Compliance and Financial Reporting – Planning Ahead

In an ever-changing regulatory environment, accounting and tax officers are paying more attention than ever to corporate governance. Because of this difficult-to-navigate landscape, relying on a firm on a firm with deep financial, tax, and industry-specific knowledge is paramount. At Teknos Associates, we are committed to helping our clients understand the relevant issues in order to manage both the potential pitfalls and opportunities. As auditors and regulatory institutions intensify their scrutiny on accounting and tax practices, its imperative for companies to develop fair value and tax-related valuation estimates utilizing objective analyses.

Teknos Associates works closely with our clients to complement their strategic vision. We assist them in understanding the financial impacts of their strategic decisions by deciphering difficult initiatives into quantifiable economic results.

We’re an acclaimed leader in analyzing and understanding the salient issues of fair value measurement and tax-related valuations for clients around the world. Our rigorous and careful valuation analyses are consistent with the prevailing accounting, tax, and regulatory codes for a multitude of tax compliance and financial reporting situations such as mergers and acquisitions, financings, litigation support, bankruptcy, corporate restructuring, and strategic planning.

Types of Valuation Services for Tax Compliance and Financial Reporting

Some of the tax compliance and financial reporting situations that require valuation services include the following:

  • Stock Options Issuance: IRC 409A, ASC 718, IFRS 2
  • Purchase Price Allocation and Impairment Testing: ASC 805, ASC 350, ASC 360, IFRS 3, IAS 36, IAS 38
  • Specialized Tax and Financial Reporting Situations: IRC 338, IRC 331, IRC 165, IRC 1202, ASC 815, ASC 480, ASC 810, ASC 852, IFRS 9, IAS 32, and IAS 39
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity Portfolio Valuation Support: ASC 820 or IFRS 13
  • Section 382 NOL Ownership Change Studies
  • Gift and Estate Tax Planning
  • Non-Cash Charitable Contributions
  • Valuation support for Section 83(b) elections

Advantages of Professional Valuation Services for Tax Compliance and Financial Reporting

Because the Teknos team consists of qualified appraisers (as defined by Section 170(f)(11)(E)(ii)) with decades of experience in providing expert valuation opinions, you can be confident that our analyses support any level of tax, audit, or other regulatory scrutiny.

Focus on Changing Tax Laws

Our valuation experts constantly track the changes in the corporate tax codes and their potential impacts on the valuation industry. A Teknos valuation report will always reflect the most current valuation thinking around new tax laws so that you can move forward more confidently without the fear of unknown tax consequences.

Access to Experience

We’ve prepared thousands of valuations, and through this experience, we’ve discovered patterns among the accounting and tax codes, best practices, and methods of analysis. This experience allows us to assist our clients with creative, forward-looking solutions.

Objective Advice

Independence is a key component to all tax compliance and financial reporting valuation work. Knowing this, it’s critical for our valuation reports to consider all of the key facts and circumstances, from all points of view. However, professional judgement also is critical in a valuation report. As such, our experience in the industry allows us to make informed decisions when dealing with complicated valuation issues that require a strong, defensible position. Especially, since the valuation reports have the potential to be scrutinized at the highest regulatory levels.

The Teknos Advantage

Hiring Teknos for your valuation and advisory services’ needs gives you access to experts who can help you navigate the significant challenges of the tax compliance and financial reporting world. Our team has decades of collective valuation advisory services experience which enables us to quickly identify the salient issues.

Because we specialize in emerging growth technologies, we are a trusted advisor to shareholders in industries such as Esports and gaming, information technology, life sciences, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and others. By spending the necessary time to deeply understand these industries, we offer an advantage over typical generalist firms.

Teknos’ professionals are up to date on the latest changes in the accounting and tax environments. Whether you’re dealing with a spinout for a new entity, venture portfolio investments, stock options grants, acquisitions, or other tax and financial reporting related valuation issues, you can be sure we’ve advised our clients on it recently and are experts on the relevant regulatory issues.

We can help you make decisions that will protect and promote the health and profitability of your company. Feel free to browse through the available tax compliance and financial reporting services on this page’s menu, or contact us to discuss your needs directly.