Pre and Post Transaction Analyses and Support

Teknos can provide a variety of services to support merger and acquisition activities.  A few of these include:

    • Assist management of the two entities with an independent valuation of each company to help determine an appropriate exchange ratio;
    • Rapidly model how acquisition proceeds will be allocated at various prices for a company with a complicated capital structure;
    • Rapidly model the effect of earnouts, in-process research and development (IPR&D), and other intangibles during negotiations;
    • Calculate the value of option proceeds and a management carve-out under the “golden parachute” rules of IRC 280G;
    • Determine the value of a non-compete clause for inclusion in IRC 280G;
    • Allocate purchase price elements after an acquisition for compliance with IRC 338(g) or 338(h)(10) (Treasury Regulation 1060 and IRS Form 8594);

Financial Studies

Companies facing financial or strategic challenges need to understand their alternatives. Teknos can assist by studying the company, its technology and products, the markets in which it competes, and other factors, then lay out an analysis of corporate finance, restructuring, and merger alternatives which are designed to provide flexibility and to maximize value to all constituents.

For a description of past projects, references, or assistance with any of these M&A support services, please contact us: