Venture Capital and Private Equity

Fair value accounting for venture capital and other private equity investors has never been more important given the need for compliance with ASC 820.  Audit firms now routinely push venture capital and private equity investors to provide support for the values assigned to individual companies in their portfolios.  Obtaining independent valuations of portfolio holdings is an integral part of this process.  Furthermore, some limited partners, such as funds-of-funds, are requesting independent appraisals to reconcile the values reported for a company held in several different venture portfolios.

Teknos offers a range of services to venture capital and other private equity firms to assist with these valuation and reporting requirements, from providing complete valuations of the most significant portfolio companies to offering analytical support to the venture capital firm finance staff (e.g. comparable company selection and metrics to support value ranges).

To initiate a discussion about how we could support you in venture capital or private equity reporting, please contact us: info@teknosassociates.com