Alternative Energy and Cleantech

The alternative energy and cleantech markets use a variety of different technologies, ranging from energy efficiency to alternative energy production to new materials and waste remediation.  Establishing values in such diverse and fast growing new markets can be complicated because the markets are new, their ultimate size is unknown, and there are few publicly traded companies to use for comparison.

Despite these challenges, the professionals at Teknos have valued companies in such diverse categories as new battery materials, fuel cells, thermoelectric materials, and technology to convert waste natural gas to gasoline products.  And, of course, we also have valued companies in every aspect of the solar power industry, from raw silicon manufacturing to solar cell fabrication equipment to different photovoltaic cell production technologies to facility installation and operation.

As the alternative energy and cleantech markets grow, Teknos is committed to remaining abreast of developments and continuing to work with leading companies.  For more information please contact us: info@teknosassociates.com