Global Valuation and Advisory Services

Teknos Associates has the expertise and deep industry knowledge that leading emerging growth companies and their investors rely on to make their most critical business decisions.

Corporate Advisory Services

The team at Teknos can help you to effectively understand and mitigate some of the most pressing challenges facing your organization thanks to decades of first-hand experience and a wealth of professional knowledge developed and honed across engagements with hundreds of companies.

Tax Compliance and Financial Reporting Valuation Services

As auditors and regulatory institutions intensify their scrutiny on accounting and tax practices, its imperative for companies to develop fair value and tax-related valuation estimates utilizing objective analyses.

Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony

Individuals at Teknos have provided litigation support for some of the largest companies and leading law firms in Silicon Valley.  We have withstood Daubert challenges.  And we can help a judge or jury understand complex technology and valuation issues by taking the discussion beyond theory with real-world experience and practical examples.



Coronavirus Impacts On The Investment Industry: What You Need To Know

By now, it’s apparent that controlling the COVID-19 outbreak will take longer than anticipated. As the nation watches its favorite restaurants, gyms, and stores shutter …

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Coronavirus and 409A Valuations

Navigating Through Uncertainty… Privately-held companies have valuations performed by qualified appraisers for a variety of reasons, including financial and tax reporting, to support business decisions, …

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White Paper

Valuing Customer Relationships – Misconceptions of the Distributor Method

General guidance for valuing intangible assets is provided in the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Topics 805, 350, and 820.  Detailed …

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COVID-19, Esports, and Gaming

COVID-19 flew under the radar of many Americans until the National Basketball Association (NBA) took the incredible step of suspending the remainder of its season …

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The Streamer Wars: How Ninja’s Defection to Mixer Started the Bidding War

In the months following Ninja’s take on The Decision, the Streamer Wars quickly ramped up into an all-out arms race. Much like professional sport leagues …

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The Rise of Female Gamers: Esports’ Underappreciated Fans

Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon is the first female player in the Overwatch League. Kim Se-yeon went through a lot as a female gamer. Better known by …

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CoVID-19, E-Sports, and Gaming

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