Why Us? Teknos Associates: The Leading Expert in Crypto Asset Valuation

At Teknos Associates, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the emerging field of crypto asset valuation. As one of the earliest practitioners in this space, we possess the expertise and methodological rigor needed to accurately value cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Our Origins as a Pioneer in Crypto Valuation

We were an early entrant into crypto valuation, assembling a team of valuation experts years ago to develop models tailored to digital assets. We immersed ourselves in the nuances of cryptocurrencies to devise frameworks suited to their distinct properties and risks. This pioneering work established Teknos as an authority in crypto valuation even before most competitors began exploring this territory.

Technical Excellence

Our team comprises professionals with valuation credentials and top universities. This includes experts with deep knowledge in:

  • Financial analysis
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Data science
  • Quantitative modeling

We actively contribute to research in the field through our relationships with leading legal, tax, accounting, and venture firms. Our staff frequently works with and speak at conferences to advance valuation techniques and share knowledge. Ongoing crypto research allows us to refine methodologies as the market matures.

Other firms may have teams with decent qualifications, but none can match the depth of experience we have assembled specifically for crypto asset valuation.

An Extensive Crypto and Web3 Network

Over time, we have cultivated connections across the crypto ecosystem:

  • Exchanges and research firms provide data and insights into asset performance.
  • Web3 organizations provide foresight into cutting edge technologies leading innovation in the industry.
  • Legal and tax compliance advisors offer guidance on regulatory considerations.
  • Accounting firms supply best practices for reporting crypto assets.
  • Venture investors share deal structures and risks associated with new assets.

This extensive network is invaluable for gathering information to strengthen our valuation capabilities and interpretations. Competitors simply don’t have access to the same breadth of partnerships and data streams.

Balanced Methodology Combining Technical Expertise and Conventional Finance

Our approach integrates rigorous data science tailored to cryptocurrencies with conventional valuation principles. We utilize proprietary quantitative models analyze market data, network activity, source code, and other factors to value digital assets. We complement these crypto-native techniques with adaptable traditional frameworks such as income, market, and cost-based approaches. This blended methodology produces well-rounded valuations ready to withstand scrutiny.

Other firms tend to rely too much on “off-the-shelf” models not designed for cryptocurrencies. Teknos stands apart with our specialized models purpose-built for digital assets.

Ability to Justify Valuations

A key differentiator is our team’s ability to clearly articulate the rationale for valuations. We can have informed discussions with auditors, corporate executives, investors, and regulators to explain our models, address limitations, and provide evidence backing our conclusions. This expertise in valuation justification provides clients with convictions when questions arise.

Global Credentials

Our experience translates globally as we regularly value cryptocurrencies and digital assets for multinational clients across various jurisdictions. Our team understands the nuances of local regulations and standards to factor into every valuation. Clients benefit from our international perspective when navigating this complex, cross-border asset class.

Bringing it all together

With nearly a decade of specialization in the cryptocurrency space, Teknos Associates has established itself as the top provider of token and digital asset valuations. As pioneers in this emerging industry, Teknos brings unmatched expertise and rigorous methodology to each valuation engagement. The company’s early leadership enabled it to build strong collaborative relationships with premier law firms, accounting practices, venture capital funds, and other key players across the blockchain and Web3 industries throughout the world. This expansive network and depth of experience provide invaluable insights that continue to enhance Teknos Associates’ valuation capabilities – no matter how complex the situation. To learn more, contact Teknos Associates at info@teknosassociates.com .

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