Your Investments and ASC 820

The financial reporting requirements of ASC 820 can be overwhelming for the finance teams of any venture capital firm.  Fortunately, Teknos Associates provides a customized level of service to assist with this requirement.

Work That Will Be Approved by Auditors

We do valuations right the first time because our goal is to help you pass the audit. Our accredited professionals know valuation and we’ll handle the details—so you don’t have to. As accredited valuation specialists, we’ll arm you with the sound data and accepted techniques to defend the values in your portfolio. Need us to hop on a call with your audit firm? We’re happy to. Have partners who refuse to accept the values placed on their companies? Send them to us. We’re here to support you and back up our findings.

Get Exactly What You Need

We don’t try to sell you software or services that you don’t want. Need a valuation for just one company or the entire portfolio? How about full-length reports or Black-Scholes models of portfolio company cap tables? We can even just help you select comparables and multiples. Tell us exactly what you need. And you’ll get it.

We Know Your Companies

We’ve prepared thousands of valuations for venture-backed companies. We’ve probably valued some of yours… so we already have a head start.

We Understand the Industry

Based in Palo Alto, Teknos works with a range of venture capital firms. We provide support for:

  • Preparing financial statements and LP reports
  • Valuing complex securities and embedded derivatives
  • Assisting LPCs with cross-fund investments
  • Meeting SBA and other regulatory compliance requirements
  • Assessing partner interests for gift and estate purposes
  • Rendering positive assurance opinions for lending, litigation, and other purposes

Make Results Clear and Understandable

Easy-to-understand results in a clear, readable format save you from having to spend additional time explaining findings or answering basic questions. We receive many compliments on our presentation of information, but we can match any format that you require.

Save Time While Being On Time

With Teknos valuations, you won’t have to worry about impending deadlines and late-night, last-minute report formatting. We deliver results on time. Period.

Teknos Associates provides valuation and advisory services for emerging growth companies and their venture capital backers. Clients rely on our financial expertise, knowledge of technology markets, and high standards to deliver relevant and timely valuation reports, opinions, and analyses.


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